Hadja Lahbib is officially a member of the MR

Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib has officially become a member of the MR, the daily La Libre Belgique reported on Tuesday. This information was received very positively by the president of the Schaerbeek section of the MR, Yvan de Beauffort.

Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs last July, replacing Sophie Wilmès, by the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, Hadja Lahbib had started her mandate without having the party card.

“The MR of Schaerbeek is delighted with the official arrival of the Minister and Schaerbeekoise Hadja Lahbib. His action in the federal government as Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs, Foreign Trade and Federal Cultural Institutions, as well as his exceptional career will strengthen and will give even more visibility to our action in the service of all Schaerbeekoises and all Schaerbeekois”, commented the local section of the MR, in a press release.

“With Minister Hadja Lahbib, our entire team, our municipal councilor Angelina Chan and our regional deputy Latifa Aït-Baala, and under the chairmanship of Yvan de Beauffort, our action is getting even stronger. Our priority fights in the coming months will be on a new method to be adopted urgently by the municipality of Schaerbeek in terms of mobility and on a return to meeting the aspirations of Schaerbeek residents, on the defense of the Josaphat Wasteland – one of the last wastelands in the Region -, on that of the Independents , and on safety,” the local added.

On the local chessboard of the “city of donkeys”, the liberal wing is currently akin to a mosaic between the wing of the Schaerbeek Liberals who sit in the majority on the Mayor’s List, and, in the opposition , an elected MR, Angelina Chan, as well as Georges Verzin, holding a progressive liberal current, at odds with the president of the MR.


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