Habera’s daughter will make your jaw drop! Plastic surgeon pretends

More beautiful than ever. The daughter of the singer Pavol Habera (60) Zuzana Koperniech (36) is not one of those women who would expose themselves on social networks on a daily basis. But recently she made an exception and added photos with her husband Marián Koperniech (39) to her profile.

He makes a living as a plastic surgeon and you can see that Zuzana just shines by his side. She posted photos of him and their daughter together on her Facebook. The whole family went to the wedding of their friends.

Pavol Habera and Daniela Peštová revealed the secrets of their closets!

Their love literally oozes from the photos, and according to fans, they could advertise the perfect couple. In addition, Zuzana is more beautiful than ever, and she didn’t even have to undergo any plastic surgery for her husband! All it took was his pure love.

Pavol Haber and his famous shorts? Never!

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