GZSZ star Marc Weinmann: "I don’t see myself in such a constellation at the moment, but…"

GZSZ star Marc Weinmann
About sexuality, love, openness and polyamory

GZSZ star Marc Weinmann

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GZSZ star Marc Weinmann currently has to prove an incredible range of his acting talent in the series. In the GALA interview, he revealed how the actor juggles between love, sadness and anger and what values ​​are important to him privately.

Marc Weinmann, 24, is currently delivering one of the most intense and at the same time most dramatic love stories in the series with his role as “Luis” in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. With his character, the actor not only addresses the exploration of his own sexuality, but at the same time opens up a discourse on open-mindedness and polyamory through his performance.

In an interview with GALA, the actor revealed how he feels about the relationship constellation depicted and which scenes demanded a lot from him.

GZSZ star Marc Weinmann: “It shows me how enormously important our love story is”

GALA: What challenges did the performance of Luis present you with?
Marc Weinmann: For me, Luis is an incredibly complex character. He has a high degree of empathy, is very structured and he always wants to be there for his loved ones. At the same time, however, he is also spirited and impulsive, which can quickly come to light, especially under stress. Combining these different character traits of Luis within the framework of the storyline around the emotional chaos between Miriam, Moritz and Luis was a challenge, because Luis shouldn’t appear heartless under any circumstances.

I wanted to show that it’s not that Luis doesn’t want to choose between the two, but that he simply can’t. To embody this inner conflict in every stage of the story was very important to me and of course it was a lot of fun.

What was the most difficult scene for you so far?
There have been some challenging scenes in my time at GZSZ so far. Fortunately, I love challenging scenes, such as scenes that you don’t play every day or emotions that you don’t usually get to show that often. However, I think the most challenging scenes were actually the ones after Miriam’s death, in which Luis is still in shock and doesn’t really understand what happened. Although grief is always a very individual process, there are always similar patterns in the course of the process. It was important to me to make this course of shock, anger, repression, depression and ultimate acceptance as authentic as possible. That’s why the scenes were very exhausting, but also a totally exciting experience.

You address an important issue with the role and especially with the story. Did you grow up being so open about sexuality yourself? Unfortunately, it’s still a taboo subject for many…
To be honest, it also makes me very sad that a large part of society still lacks this openness. I grew up in a relatively open environment, I would say. I have learned to treat everyone with respect and to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated myself. That’s why I sometimes encounter a great deal of incomprehension when I read some of the reactions to the story of Luis and Moritz. There are still so many people who find love between two men disgusting, or even write that you should protect your children from it. Why should one have to protect children from the love of two people?

But that shows me again and again how enormously important our love story is. You just have to keep showing people that there are different kinds of love and there’s absolutely nothing abnormal about it. In addition, it motivates me every day to know that we can reach a large number of people and make them feel true about their sexuality. That’s the beauty of acting!

What character traits do you value most in your private life?
Honesty is sometimes my top priority, followed by harmony and openness. It’s true that some of these are values ​​rather than character traits, but it sums up what I mean best. I am a person who meets new people relatively openly and impartially and likes to cultivate a harmonious relationship with mutual respect. That may sound super philosophical, but I’m convinced that many conflicts could be solved much more easily if more people thought like that.

Would a relationship constellation like the ones Luis, Moritz and Miriam tried out be an option for you personally?
With the best will in the world I can’t give a general answer to that. Luis, for example, would have answered this question with no when he returned to the Kiez, but things then developed differently. Love is a very complex network that nobody can really understand and predict. I don’t see myself in such a constellation at the moment, but maybe someday.


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