GZSZ star Lennart Borchert wanted to keep cancer secret

Lennart Borchert was afraid for his role. A few days ago, the GZSZ star announced that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 20. He found out about it just before he was supposed to be in front of the camera for the first time in his role of Moritz Bode for the popular Daily. But instead of telling his bosses and colleagues about his illness, he initially decided to keep it a secret. in the celebrity flash-Interview revealed lenart now the reason for his decision.

“In the beginning I tried to hide it all and manage it that way. I thought maybe it wouldn’t even be noticed. […] I had the feeling and the fear that I might not get the job after all if I said that.”the 23-year-old revealed celebrity flash. But his initial plans were thwarted by the side effects of chemotherapy. “It probably wouldn’t have been noticed if my hair hadn’t fallen out,” he revealed.

In retrospect, however, the actor then realized that his worries were completely unfounded. “The production stood behind me”, the Berliner remembered. It is now important to him to draw public attention to the topic and to sensitize others to it. “It’s incredibly important to find out about it: Men, let yourself be checked!”, Emphasized lenart.

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert in front of the GZSZ set in September 2021

Instagram / herecomeslenny

Lennart Borchert, GZSZ star
Lennart Borchert at the special IMAX screening of “Tenet” in Berlin in August 2020

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