GZSZ at "Let’s Dance": Not just Timur Ülker! RTL confirms two actors

Current GZSZ news in the GALA ticker: This is how GZSZ star Timur Ülker and actress Sarah Mangione react to their commitments on “Let’s Dance”. +++ Is Emily to blame for Paul’s tragic accident? +++ Wolfgang Bahro is writing a script.

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January 12, 2022

Timur Ülker and Sarah Mangione will take part in “Let’s Dance” in 2022

“For me a dream will come true,” revealed GZSZ favorite Timur Ülker, 32, recently in an interview with RTL. The actor is one of the prominent candidates who will be swirling across the dance floor for “Let’s Dance” this year. He wants to get the title for his mother, who is an even bigger fan of the dance show than himself.

But Timur Ülker is not the only face on the previous evening series. RTL has confirmed that actress Sarah Mangione, 31, is also a candidate for the popular show. GZSZ fans know her as Nihat’s half-sister Liz from the spin-off “Nihat – Alles auf Anfang”, which was broadcast on TVNOW (now RTL +) last year. Sarah says she is happy like a honey cake horse and especially wants to make her parents proud on the show.

Amira Pocher

January 11, 2022

Paul’s tragic accident: fans defend Emily

Big drama in the Kolle-Kiez: After Paul (Niklas Osterloh, 32) cheated on Emily (Anne Menden, 36) during his trip abroad and found out about it, their marriage is broken. Emily sees no future for their relationship and Paul seeks solace in alcohol. As the carpenter and Nihat (Timur Ülker, 32) are sitting in the brickwork at the bar, Emily suddenly walks in. As they run up the stairs, an argument breaks out – with an abrupt ending. The drunk Paul rushes down the stairs.

Is Emily to blame for Paul’s fall? Daily fans have a clear answer: No! On the official GZSZ account, there are lots of users under the post of this scene: inside, who protect Emily with their comments. “It wasn’t Emily’s fault, he lost his balance [sic[“, schreibt eine Userin. “Die hat den nicht mal berührt”, meint eine andere. “Emily ist nicht schuld. Sie hat ihn ja nicht geschubst, sondern nur ihren Arm weggezogen, damit Paul sie ihn Ruhe lässt [sic]”, states this user.

January 10, 2022

Wolfgang Bahro goes among the scriptwriters

Well, is Wolfgang Bahro, 61, turning his back on acting? Since 1993 he has been a lawyer and villain Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim “Jo” Gerner seen on “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”. Now, however, he apparently changes behind the camera and exchanges text manuscript for a laptop. “We also work on weekends. I’m currently writing a script, and it’s a lot of fun,” he announced via Instagram with a recording that shows him typing at his desk. Series colleague Olivia Marei, 32, is already looking forward to the finished work: “Uhhhh I’m looking forward to the result.” Gisa Zach, 47, on the other hand, already senses her chance for a new role. “Cool! Am I busy?” She jokes in the comments.

However, fans of the popular early-evening series do not have to be afraid that the veteran will say goodbye. Since serial attorney Jo Gerner is currently behind bars, that means less shooting time for the actor. “You can create all scenes from five episodes on one day of shooting,” Bahro told RTL in December.

Eva Mona Rodekirchen gets her first badge

Better late than never – evidently also thought Eva Mona Rodekirchen. The actress from Maren Seefeld graduated from her seahorse at the age of 45 and received her first badge with it. With a satisfied expression on her face, Eva holds the bill together with the obligatory patch for the swimsuit in the camera. “It stays sporty! My first badge!”, She wrote, adding the hashtags “ididit” and “stolzwiebolle”.

GZSZ colleague Thomas Drechsel, 34, who plays the role of Max “Tuner” Krüger in the Daily, is also enthusiastic about Eva’s sporting spirit. “I’ve never been so proud of you,” is his comment. By the way, the actress was able to swim before, only one badge was missing, as she replied to a question from a fan.

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