Gym at home: how to take advantage of household objects to stay in shape

Although the majority of activities have returned to normal, there are still a good number of people who refuse to go to closed spaces, such as gyms or sports centers, for fear of catching COVID-19 in this fourth wave. For this reason, here we bring you a list of household objects to do exercises in House and thus keep fit.

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Do you think that only with weights or elastic bands you will get results? The answer is no. Household objects such as a simple chair or a broomstick will also help you lose weight and, mainly, tone up. Without further ado, here we tell you what they are and what exercises you can do.

A chair

We all have a chair at home, in whatever form and condition. With this household object you can perform exercises such as triceps, pectorals, abdomen and legs.

A backpack

Will you study by exercising? Not necessarily, but you can include notebooks in the process. Put all the objects that you consider heavy inside the backpack and put it on your back. This will simulate a straitjacket.

Water bottles

You will need the water bottles to rehydrate yourself during the exercises, but also as “dumbbells”. Fill them to the top and charge them. You can do biceps, gluteal and shoulder work.

The handle of a broom

Perfect for a correct execution of the squat and flutter kicks. In the first case, place the broomstick on your shoulders, placing it behind the neck and then do an explosive squat.

For the second exercise, lie on the ground on your back and hold the broom with your hands — with a wide grip on your shoulders — to direct it over your belly while lifting your torso and legs off the ground at the same time, as indicated by the portal .


Going up and down the stairs will improve your endurance and lung capacity. You can also take advantage of some leg exercises. Similarly, you can work your calves, one of the most difficult muscles to grow, on the steps.

These household objects are within everyone’s reach and you can take full advantage of them to tone your body, improve your resistance and, above all, lead a better quality of life accompanied by a good diet.

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