Gwendolyn Stephenson says goodbye to Kathy Kouruklis with emotional message

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The former Panamanian presenter, Gwendolyn Stephenson, said goodbye to her best friend Kathy Kouruklis, who passed away on November 15 suddenly.

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Thus, the presenter, announcer and promoter of rock in Panama, died after a heart failure; Days before, she had met with her friend Gwendolyn Stephenson and shared with her children.

Through a publication on his Instagram account, Stephenson told some anecdotes of what they lived together, regretting that he is no longer in this world and even revealed that his son Dylan sensed his death.

“Thank you for that cosmic connection that we especially had with Dylan. He received your goodbye message loud and clear Just as you left” Kathy where are you and how are you? ” were his words, he left you a message on your cell phone, it is still unseen but I know you already heard it “, he counted.

He also thanked him for going to say goodbye before leaving. “Just a few days ago we were smiling at life with laughter. What a lesson, what a learning, because there is, behind this sadness there must be a teaching. Thank you for the laughter, the stories, your positivism, for all the veggie and delicious dishes that we ate on this trip and your light “, he stated.

“I know you’re fine and happy. See you soon”, with these words his message culminated, along with several photographs that show how well they had a good time when they were able to meet and hug.

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