Gwalior Weather News It rained in the morning there may be light rain for two days from today

Gwalior Weather News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. Due to the moisture coming from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, there was a black cloud on Saturday morning. Somewhere in the city, it was raining, and somewhere it could rain. after 10 am Comebecame equal. The brightness of the sun increased, due to which one had to face the scorching heat. According to the Meteorological Department, light rain and drizzle can go on between September 26 and 28. The cyclonic circle formed in Bundelkhand is collecting moisture from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

In the afternoon, the maximum temperature reached 32.8 degrees Celsius when the sun came out. This will keep you away from the sultry heat in the afternoon. Due to the heat, there were clouds too, but the black clouds went away after longing. It could rain only in the morning. The minimum temperature was 2.3 degrees above normal. It was hot in the night. The maximum temperature was 1.8 degrees below normal. The average rainfall in the city has reached 683.5 mm.

the weather will be like this

The cyclonic circle formed in Saurashtra, Gujarat has gone into the Arabian Sea. It has turned into an area of ​​low pressure. The air is also getting enough moisture from the Arabian Sea. The air is getting moisture from the Bay of Bengal.

A cyclonic circle is forming near the Sagar of Bundlekhand. This cyclonic circle is gathering moisture coming from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Because of this the rain will continue.

There is less chance of rain in Sheopur and Morena, but light rain may continue in Gwalior city from 26 to 28 September. There will be a possibility of heavy rain in Bhind and Datia.

The storm has no effect on the area

The low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal is turning into a cyclonic storm. This storm will hit between Orissa-Andhra Pradesh coast. It will go towards Maharashtra via Chhattisgarh. Gwalior Chambal division is far away from this storm. Due to this there will be no effect on the zone. After this storm has passed, a new low pressure area is developing on September 29. Due to this system, in the first week of October, the period of rain and thundershowers will continue in the region.

Maximum temperature – 32.8 °C

Minimum temperature – 25.4 °C

Average rainfall 683.5 mm

Total average rainfall 725.6 mm

– 42 mm below average

Monsoon season till 30th September, Monsoon likely to remain active till 10th October.

they say

Moisture is coming from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Due to this, there is a possibility of rain in Gwalior for the next three days. There will be a possibility of rain in the first week of the low pressure area formed on September 29. Showers may occur with thunderstorms.

Vedprakash Singh, radar in-charge weather station Bhopal

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