Gwalior Vaccination News What kind of vaccination is this Vaccine was not given the message of getting vaccinated in mobile

Gwalior Vaccination News: Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. What kind of vaccination is this that the vaccine was not vaccinated and the message of getting the vaccine came on the mobile. Not only this, the certificate of vaccination was also issued. Whose complaint was made to the CMHO office, now the officers are calling it a technical fault. Ashish Suman, a resident of Thatipur Vivek Nagar, gave a complaint application to the CMHO office last day. In which he told that his wife is pregnant and he has to undergo cataract operation. Therefore, on the day of the campaign, the BLO was refused to get the vaccine on the phone. But when I saw on the mobile, the message of vaccination was lying in it and the certificate was also issued. While I neither got vaccinated nor gave Aadhar card to anyone and still the vaccination was done. Ashish says that on this the nodal officer of vaccination, Dr. Ramkumar Gupta says that there was pressure to increase the vaccination. That’s why there may be a technical problem somewhere, but whenever you want to get vaccinated, you inform me, I will get the vaccine done. Still, I will also investigate where the mistake went. Apart from Ashish, more complaints reached the CMHO office, who got the message of getting vaccinated without getting vaccinated. This feat has happened similar to the sampling of some corona, where messages have reached people without sampling to test the corona.

They were also vaccinated without getting them vaccinated

Aditi of PHE Colony complains that she had got the first dose, but when she reached Sanjeevani Clinic PHE Colony on September 10 to get the second dose, the second vaccine could not be administered there. But during the campaign, she got the message that the second vaccine was also done, while she did not go anywhere to get the vaccine.

Vaccination reminds of sampling fraud

For the last three months, fraud has been happening continuously in the investigation of corona sampling. Initially, without investigation, the message of corona investigation started reaching people’s mobiles. When the forgery was caught, the sample was taken, but the investigation report was issued by two methods. When this was revealed, he started sampling the appearances, which is still going on. The way the test was done without giving samples, in the same way the vaccines have been vaccinated without vaccination, which is refreshing the memory of sampling fraud.

Today 50 thousand will be vaccinated

On Monday, the target of vaccination has been set to cover more than 50 thousand people. This target will be met by vaccinating at about 300 immunization centers. A target has been set to administer the first dose to two lakh people in the next one week. With this, 11 lakh people are yet to be administered the second dose.

They say-

One cannot get vaccinated without being vaccinated. There must be a technical problem, due to which the message and certificate has been issued, I will get this matter shown and get a full investigation done. After all, why did this problem arise and after talking to the person with whom this incident happened, I take the whole matter.

Dr. Ramkumar Gupta, Vaccination Officer

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