Gwalior Vaccination News Vaccination campaign tomorrow health department engaged in preparations focus will be on pregnant women

Gwalior Vaccination News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. The Health Department is busy in the preparations for the campaign on September 27. Instructions have been received from Bhopal that all pregnant women of the district and those who were deprived of vaccination due to the disease should be vaccinated in the campaign. For this, the Health Department has prepared a list of all 25 thousand pregnant women of the district. Along with this, there are five thousand people who were deprived of vaccination due to some disease. The goal of vaccinating all of them will remain in the campaign. On Saturday, 11121 people were vaccinated, while the target was to vaccinate 40 thousand people. So far 19 lakh 11 thousand 227 doses have been administered in the district in the last 9 months, while 13 lakh 70 thousand 595 people have got the first dose and 5 lakh 40 thousand 632 people have got the second dose. 15 lakh 71 thousand people are to be vaccinated in the district. In which there are two lakh people who have not received a single dose.

Contract signed between Jaipur’s internal and city’s Kalyan Hospital: The city’s Kalyan Multispecialty Hospital and Jaipur’s Inner Hospital are jointly going to expand their services. In this, famous experts of Eternal Hospital will now provide their services in Gwalior also. Dr. Abhinav Sharma and Indroji Rao Kadam, Chairman, Kalyan Multispecialty Hospital Gwalior said, “We are continuously expanding our coverage to make the world class treatment available in Jaipur (Rajasthan) reach more and more people. These facilities will now extend to a large part of Madhya Pradesh also through Kalyan Multi Specialty Hospital Gwalior. Starting with cardiac facilities, later other specialty services will also be made available. Manju Sharma, Co-Chairperson, Internal Hospital, said that initially we will share our advanced cardiac facilities with Kalyan Hospital. It will get world class cardiac treatment including Tavi procedure, minimally invasive bypass surgery, electrophysiology cardiac treatment etc.

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