Gwalior Traffic Jam News Daily jam due to divider in Shinde ki Cantonment

Gwalior Traffic Jam News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. Due to the divider being built at Shinde ki Cantonment, the road is getting jammed every day. It is such a condition that there is a queue of vehicles on both sides of the road of one to one and a half km at peak time. Traffic police staff is not present at the spot from morning till evening. Due to this many drivers remain stranded and look for alternative routes. A new divider is being built on the road located at Shinde ki Chhawni intersection, in which the divider will be built at the intersection or the roundabout is not being decided. The municipal corporation had stopped the work due to the protest of the shopkeepers around here. At present, due to the absence of a divider in the middle, the vehicles are moving in a chaotic manner and a situation of jam is being created.

It should be noted that a divider is being made on Shinde ki Cantonment road from the intersection to the valley side. Here a provision of temporary dividers was made by placing cement blocks earlier. Now the work of the divider is going on, due to the monsoon in the middle this work could not go ahead, now the divider is being made. Traffic jam is happening every day due to the contractor putting the material of the divider on the roads and keeping the machine. This work is likely to go on for one more month as the work is already getting delayed. Municipal officials are not paying attention to this.

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