Gwalior News The hard work of the saints paid off the destitute govansh will earn six crore rupees annually

Gwalior News: Deepak Savita, Gwalior New Dunia. CNG and organic manure will be made from cow dung and urine coming out of Lal Tipara Gaushala of Gwalior, which gives protection to the cows which people consider to be old and useless and leave them open on the roads. This will earn an annual income of about Rs 6 crore. In the year 2017, 1092 destitute cows died within 90 days in Lal Tipara Gaushala of Municipal Corporation in Murar, Gwalior. There was a lot of uproar over this and people started calling it the graveyard of cows. A year after this, in 2018, the saints of Shrikrishnayan native cow shelter reached Gwalior from Haridwar, then he took the arrangement of the cowshed in his hand and changed its physique.

The central government signed a contract with the municipal corporation to set up a CNG plant: The Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India has signed a contract with the Municipal Corporation to set up a CNG plant in Gwalior. A cow gives 6 to 8 kg of dung every day. 9000 cows get 54 thousand kg of cow dung every day. With this, 1000 kg of CNG and 360 kg of organic manure will be prepared daily. Municipal Corporation Gwalior will earn about Rs 5 crore 91 lakh annually from this.

Environment improving with cow dung: Gokashtha (a product made by mixing cow dung and straw, which resembles a lump) is prepared from cow dung in a cowshed. It is used for funeral rites in the Muktidhams of the city. It is available at three times less than wood. It is estimated that 300 kg of wood is used for a funeral, but due to cow slaughter, there has been a significant reduction. This is also benefiting the environment and people also get cheap fuel.

Gaushala is special for these reasons too:

Oxygen zone has been created inside the Gaushala, in which 5000 saplings have been planted.

– Gausamvardhan work is being done in Gaushala. Gir, Sahiwal and Malviya breeds are being prepared here.

An ambulance has been prepared at a cost of Rs 15 lakh to bring the injured cows to the Gaushala for treatment due to an accident on the highway. In this, five injured cows can be brought together.


A CNG plant is being set up at Gaushala. This will reduce the cost of the corporation in taking care of the cows in half. In Rani Ghati Gaushala, straw is being prepared from stubble. There is a lot of forest here, so the cost of fodder for the cows is also half.

Achyutananda Maharaj, Saint, Shrikrishnayan Deshi Gau Rakshashala, Haridwar

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