Gwalior GST News Black business of scrap in Gwalior firms that do not file returns are on target

Scrap business going on without e-way bill, monitoring is weak

State GST Department will increase the informer system

Gwalior GST News: Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. The black business of scrap without e-way bill is hurting the government a lot. In Gwalior and adjoining districts, the business of scrap in raw material at number one and of groceries at number two is going on. The special thing is that a handful of anti-avage staff of State GST have failed to stop it completely. The biggest problem is the sluggish informer system and this is the strength of the department. Due to non-receipt of information about vehicles without e-way bill, it is not being caught. Now the department has also claimed to strengthen the informer system. At the same time, the State GST is monitoring the firms that have not filed returns for six months, their number is about two hundred in the zone. After marking all, the action of cancellation of registration will be done.

Under the e-way bill system of GST, it is necessary to generate an e-way bill for every vehicle carrying goods. Based on this, the GST department takes its action. At present, Anti-Avagen has a staff of 15 officers, ranging from Deputy Commissioner to CTO. The e-way bill system was introduced only to completely stop the raw material, but even after this, a large number of traders and transporters do business without bills.

About 25 trucks daily: Raw business of scrap is happening from here

In Gwalior, scrap comes from districts like Katni, Shivpuri, Guna, Chhatarpur, Sironj, Indore etc. And from here the highest number of unbilled goods are being supplied. Apart from this, vehicles also leave for Indore and Bhopal from Gwalior.

Around 40 trucks per day: Highest business of grocery from Delhi

Most of the groceries from Gwalior to Delhi are traded in raw. Every day about 40 trucks of groceries come from Delhi. Apart from this, goods go to other districts according to the demand from here.

The movement of goods without e-way bill has been completely stopped. E-way bill is not levied on goods costing less than Rs 50,000. All the transporters are following it completely.

Akhilesh Kansana, Transporter

Monitoring of scrap vehicles is being increased. The inputs of raw traded are received by us and after confirmation, immediate action is taken. The information system is being increased further, so that strictness can increase.

US Bass, Deputy Commissioner, Anti-Avagen, State GST

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