Gwalior Dharma Samaj News Time is very strong don t be arrogant because many Alexanders drowned in the ocean of time

Worship of Uttam Mardava Dharma was held on the second day of Daslakshana festival in Digambar Jain temples.

Gwalior Dharma Samaj News: Gwalior (Naiduniya Representative). Ego breeds pride and arrogance. From aham we cannot get expansion. Leaving honor and pride, adopt Mardava Dharma. Time is very powerful, don’t be arrogant because many Alexanders drowned in the ocean of time.

On the second day of Paryushan festival, on Uttam Mardava Dharma, Munishri Viharsha Sagar Maharaj said this while addressing the religious gathering at Champabagh Dharamshala on New Road on Saturday. Munishree Vijayesh Sagar, Vinibodh Sagar and Ailak Shri Vinoyog Sagar Maharaj were present on the stage.

Munishree said that in the ego, there are three religions, wealth and lineage. If you do not believe, then see Ravana, Kauravas, Kansa. Munishree said that Mardava Dharma means softness in emotions. Man, a person raised from the butcher can make his life successful. It is honor to seek praise. Big conflicts in the world and Mahabharata have happened only because of Mann. Leaving ego, pride and materialism and being absorbed in oneself is Mardava Dharma.

On the occasion of Paryushan festival, former Mayor Samiksh Gupta presented Shriphal to Munishree Viharsha Sagar Maharaj Sangh. At the same time, the magazine of the unprecedented Varshayoga Chatumars Committee was released collectively by former Mayor Sameeksha Gupta, Dr. Virendra Gangwal, Mahendra Tongya, Praveen Gangwal, Balchand Jain, Vinay Kasliwal, President Yogesh Bohra, Secretary Ashish Jain, Sanjeev Jain. Women honored Sameeksha Gupta by giving me a memento.

Under the guidance of Munishri Viharsha Sagar Maharaj and Munirajs, Pandit Sunil Bhandari and Jyotishacharya Hukumchand Jain, devotees anointed Lord Jinendra with hymns from the urns of pure water. The peace stream of God was done by Mukesh Jain.

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