Gwalior Department of Weights and Measures News Don t measure and weigh Government has ended the department there is no work on the officer staff

– After changing the functioning of the measurement department, the officers are waiting for complaints

Action on complaints coming from CM helpline or central system, cannot go anywhere

Gwalior Department of Weights and Measures News: Gwalior (Naiduniya Representative). After changing the entire functioning of the measurement department, this department has disappeared from the field level. The officers of the department reach only on complaints coming from CM helpline or central level. Apart from this, you cannot go anywhere on your own free will. The government has changed the system of the department and ended it. Now the reality is that from the Deputy Controller of Measurement Department to the Inspectors, there is nothing left except to scrutinize the papers in the offices.

Be it the festive season or the festive season, the investigation is completely closed regarding the low measurement in the markets. At the same time, after the introduction of electronic weighing hooks, manual complaints also do not come to the fore. At present, there is no complaint platform at the customer level for the customer to be cheated.

It should be noted that the office of Measurement Department in Gwalior is in front of the electricity company’s store area in front of the Collectorate. This is a divisional office, which has the post of deputy controller. The posts of four inspectors are sanctioned here, but in the present situation only two are posted. After this there is only clerical staff in the office. At present the deputy controller is also running on medical.

Approval of complaint application also: If a customer has a complaint related to under-measurement in the market, then he will have to give a written application. This application will have to be submitted by the customer himself to the measurement department. After this, approval has to be taken from Bhopal for scrutiny on the application. Whether it is a deputy controller or an inspector, no one has the right to investigate directly.

Current status in the markets: Most of the medium and large shopkeepers are using electronic hooks in the markets. Scales are still used in smaller markets. Complaints of less weight in the scales come to the fore, but do not reach the department officially. At the same time, the fear of the measurement department among the shopkeepers has also ended.

Customers do not know where to complain

Measurement department was created so that the customers are not cheated in the markets. Especially during the festive season, more cases of fraud with customers come to the fore. Most of the people are not able to complain because they do not know where and to whom to complain. At the same time, the department has also not publicized its number or helpline.

call not received

In connection with the functioning of the measurement department, the deputy controller in-charge VS Singhania was called on mobile twice, but his phone did not pick up. Messaged them too, but no reply came.

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