Gwalior Crime News The temple of Sati Mata was dug to extract money the priest was also held hostage case registered

Gwalior Crime News: Jagendra Sen, Gwalior New Dunia. On Saturday night, more than a dozen people dug the Sati Mata temple located in the forest (Tighara) of Sakre Baba. Taking the priest hostage, he also took five thousand rupees. It is feared that the excavation in the temple has been done to get Daphina (riches in the ground). Police also reached the spot on the information of the temple itself. After investigation, the police said that there is a long-standing dispute between Baghel and Yadav community regarding the lordship over the temple. Both sides had also come to the police station. Neither side has complained till noon. They say that after consultation among themselves, they will file a report.

Tighra police station in-charge Suresh Singh Kushwaha told that there is a temple of Sati Mata in the forest of Sakre Baba. Apart from the idol of the mother in the temple, the Shiva family is also seated. It is said to be a very old temple. It was reported on Sunday morning that some people had excavated in the temple near the idol of Shiva family at night. Police reached the spot to investigate. God has found the temple. It is also not known who did it and why. In the initial investigation, it has been found that there is a dispute between Baghel and Yadav community regarding the lordship of the temple. After the excavation in the temple, both the parties came to the police station. Both the parties said that they can file the case. Spoke to the priest of the temple. He too has refused to file a report for the time being. The priest has also not told anything regarding the excavation in the temple. After deliberation, both the sides have spoken about filing a report. Police say that everyone knows who has excavated the temple in the dark of night and why. Police is also trying to find out by investigating at their level. The police are keeping an eye to avoid any kind of dispute.

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