Gut feeling: 3 signs you have a strong intuition

gut feeling
3 signs you have a strong intuition

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Sometimes we just have a feeling without being able to say exactly why – our intuition. These three signals tell you that you can rely on your gut feeling.

Maybe you’ve experienced a situation like this before: you get a job offer that’s basically perfect. The team makes a friendly and committed impression, the money is right, the tasks are varied and challenging. However, your inner voice tells you not to accept it. There doesn’t seem to be any rational reason for it, but somehow you just feel that this job – at least currently – doesn’t suit you.

That inner voice that warns you quietly but firmly is your intuition. Most people have just forgotten how to listen to them. As a rule, our gut feeling tells us whether a decision is right or wrong.

This is how you can tell if you are an intuitive person

1. Sensitivity and Empathy

A typical sign of strong intuition is a good sense of feelings – both your own and those of other people. Because in order to develop a good gut feeling, we must of course be in good contact with our own emotions and be able to classify them.

And this sensitivity is often given to us when dealing with others. A pronounced empathy is therefore also a signal for good intuition. Do you usually quickly get a feel for the mood of a person or a group, even without anyone saying anything? Then you probably feel quite intuitively how others feel.

2. Vivid Dreams

What we dream often says more about us than we realize. Because when we sleep, our brain, more precisely our unconscious, processes things and experiences that we suppress or cannot/do not want to perceive in everyday life. Our intuition acts as a kind of link between the conscious and the unconscious.

There are people who say they never dream. That’s actually not true – we all dream something every night. We just often can’t remember it the next day. But some people have vivid memories of their dreams every morning that feel very real. They usually also have a strong intuition.

3. Strong inner voice

Have you ever found yourself suddenly having seemingly random thoughts and answers popping up in your head that you actually have no way of knowing? This has nothing to do with mumbo-jumbo, it is simply a sign that you are a very intuitive person.

This can be the case, for example, in situations like the job offer at the beginning of this text: You cannot rationally say what is bothering you, but your inner voice makes it unmistakably clear to you that it would be the wrong decision. In situations like this, it often becomes clearer over time what the problem was. Maybe a more attractive job will appear around the corner shortly afterwards that suits you even better, or you realize that the working conditions and the team spirit are not as positive as you initially thought.

The more we train our intuition, the more we will feel such promptings and feelings in the future. Our inner voice is allowed to get louder and louder – if we only listen to it.

3 tips to strengthen your intuition

Would you like to actively work on your gut feeling? These tips can help you become more intuitive.

  1. Meditation. Daily meditation can be very helpful to strengthen your intuition. Especially in classic mindfulness meditation, we practice perceiving what is happening as a neutral observer. We learn to let thoughts come and go and not judge them. And the more we succeed in this, the more our gut feeling can make itself felt.
  2. body feeling However, intuition does not only take place in the head, we can also often feel it in the body. Meditating gives us a clear view of our thoughts and emotions, and it also allows us to practice listening to our body’s signals. When you think about certain things, do you feel tension somewhere in your body or a tightening in your stomach? Then your intuition probably wants to tell you something. It is best to practice feeling into your body when making big and small decisions.
  3. dream journal. We have already discussed how important dreams are for intuition. Therefore, it can also be very helpful to deal more with your own dream world. When you wake up in the morning, you might want to write down in a journal what you dreamed about that night. The more you listen to your unconscious, the better you can use its signals.

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