Gustavo Leão announces the birth of his first daughter: "I will forever be your protective shield"

The actor Gustavo Leão35, celebrated the birth of her first daughter, sophieon social networks, and left the internet followers by writing a statement to the newborn.

“My love, you arrived this morning. I wish you could already read what I have to tell you. I was strong during childbirth, I helped your mother who was a warrior. But one day I will tell you more about this woman in person, she deserves a separate chapter.”

The actor continued: “Let me tell you a little more about the two of us, when I held you in my arms for the first time, I understood the word son, and the responsibility of being a father. Maybe it takes me a while to assimilate everything that is happening, but having changed your diaper, and having calmed your crying with just one touch, has already shown me that being your father will be the greatest gift of my life.”

“What I felt today, neither time, nor dimensions, nor anything, will never be erased. I love you my Sophie, welcome to the outside world, and you can be sure that I will forever be your protective shield, in daily of yours and my life”, concluded Leão.

Gustavo has been living in the United States since 2017, in addition to having graduated in cooking in Canada. In Florida, the artist even opened a company in Orlando, where he is living with his wife, Pâmela Leão.

The heartthrob, as he was known, has already starred in soap operas such as Tropical paradise and you you youBesides Pure beauty and Floribella.

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