Gunther’s Millions, the trailer for the new Netflix documentary about the richest dog in the world

Netflix has released the trailer for Gunther’s Millions, a docu-series about a millionaire dog and the strange events that surround his existence between swimming pools, starred chefs and questions that await an answer.

The trailer Of Gunther’s Millionsthe new docu-series by Netflix, has just been released and previews part of the life of a millionaire dog. The documentary is bound to be talked about, just like the life of the German shepherd Gunther.

Gunther’s Millions, as reported by Giantfreakinrobot, is the latest, particular, Netflix documentary. A show about a German Shepherd named Gunther, which is presented to the public as the richest dog in the world. But, as the trailer itself reveals, there are many dark sides within the story told by Netflix in this new docuseries.

The trailer for Gunther’s Millions opens by offering a first look at its protagonist. Meanwhile, a voice-over explains how Gunther became a multi-millionaire: the puppy inherited his fortune from the German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein, who in 1992 left her dog $80 million.

Gunther, the series recounts, managed to turn that $80 million into a $400 million net worth. The German Shepherd has thus become the richest dog in the world and, to the extent of 1%, the richest of all living beings.

But what happens in Gunther’s life with a fortune of 400 million dollars? Swimming pools, yachts and lunches prepared by great chefs. But that’s where the drama comes, the trailer continues.

The people appointed by the countess to look after Gunther wanted the puppy to live “the best lifestyle possiblewhich, for some reason, meant hiring a group of pretty young pop stars to live with him at his mansion. The pop stars had to follow a strict lifestyle and were also encouraged to have sex with each other while being monitored constantly as in a strange reality show.

Many questions that cross the mind as the minutes that build the trailer go by. Few answers, including perhaps the most important one: Gunther is a clone, this would explain how it is possible that he has been alive for more than 30 years.

The richest dog in the world, his life, his dramas and the “designing a new breed of man“. What other revelations will be hidden behind the new Netflix docu-series that will arrive on the platform on February 1st?

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