Gunther VI, the world’s richest dog, sells his Miami mansion for more than $ 30 million

And how do you have your canine? The same? Inheritances are a complicated subject, especially when there are many relatives who depend on them. But what happens when a person with several million in the bank dies and has no family to whom to leave his fortune? It might be expected that friends would occupy that place. In the case of Countess Karlotta Liebenstein it is like that and her best friend was her dog.

This aristocrat passed away in 1992 and left an inheritance of 500 million dollars to Gunther III, the first millionaire of the canine family, and this in turn left it to what would now be his great-grandson Gunther VI. Out of all the heritage that the German Shepherd owns, now he wanted to put his mansion up for sale from Miami at nearly $ 32 million. A house where the famous singer Madonna lived in the 90s.

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The mansion was built in the 1920s by an heir to the Deering family in Miami in an exclusive residential area of ​​the Brickell neighborhood. Although, according to the magazine Forbes, singer Madonna bought the house at the time for 7.5 million dollars, its value has multiplied over the years and became part of the Gunther heritage in 2000.

The richest dog in the world sells his Miami mansion for $ 32 million. (Photo: EFE)

The house has a 30.5-meter waterfront, with a private dock, gardens, a Mediterranean-style pool, and a total area of almost 4,800 square meters, of which about 782 are built with nine bedrooms and as many bathrooms. Without a doubt, a property full of luxuries.

The administrators of the Gunther VI fortune look out for his well-being

The German Shepherd Gunther VI lives most of the year in Tuscany, Italy, but has properties around the world And although it is not yet known if the heir and the administrators of the fortune are going to buy any other property in Miami, for now they will have to stay in Europe.

The news of the sale of the famous mansion quickly has gone around the world, not only because of the history of the house but also because of its peculiar four-legged heir.

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