Guillaume Genton in a relationship with a former candidate of "Secret Story" : she balances on her "hot bunny" parking lots!

On October 7, viewers who followed Do not touch My TV had been entitled to some confidences from Guillaume Genton in particular. The young man had revealed to have lived a love affair with a star of reality TV.

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“I had a story a few years ago with … I think you know her”, he said in front of Cyril Hanouna. “That I know personally? That I like?”, asked the host. “Yes,” he had replied before clarifying that he was a person he “liked a lot” and with which he stayed six months. “She is someone very, very, very well known. She is one of the best known.”Baba added, after discovering his identity.

It was Cindy Lopes, revealed in the third season of Secret Story in 2009. “Indeed, I had a relationship with a columnist of TPMP”, had she, for her part, indicated in an interview with Gossip Room. “He was younger than me and I thought the guy had an angelic face, an innocence in his eyes that didn’t show up at all afterwards.”, she said before declaring: “This chronicler is Guillaume Genton”.

Guillaume Genton? “That hot bunny!”

Invited in the show of Jordan De Luxe, the young mother gave some details of this relationship. She first praised the one who covets Delphine Wespiser. “He’s the smartest of the TPMP gang. He’s the smartest of them all (…) He’s a gentleman, very nice, and a very handsome boy”, she confided. “At the time, we were together, he was not shy with all his friends to say it!”.

The ex-reality TV starlet went on to make a crisp and sizzling revelation about Benjamin Castaldi’s colleague. “We saw each other on the set of Secret Story, in the parking lot of the show. It’s a hell of a hot bunny!”

Statements that will not fail to react all the merry band of the flagship talk show of C8.

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