Guido Kaczka says goodbye to "the 8 steps" and leaves El Trece fighting for the rating: the reasons

These are not easy times for The thirteen, who was heavily defeated in the debut of “The Hotel of the Famous 2” against the successful “Big Brother 2022”. At the same time, while the solcito channel is committed to new projects to gain an audience, from “The 8 steps” eagerly await the return of Guido Kaczka, who says goodbye to the screen for three weeks to take a break.

In front of the release date of “The Challenge Argentina”, the celebrity reality show hosted by Marley, The thirteen it will also use characters loved by the public to increase the rating points. In this sense, lali gonzalez It is the new acquisition of the channelwho in her new program will help celebrities find a partner based on their zodiac sign.

In addition, in the middle of a programming change, one of the stars of the channel of the sun Guido Kaczca will be absentsince, after an intense year of work, will take a vacation. Nevertheless, the driver will record the programs of his question and answer cycle that will be broadcast during his break.

Yesterday was the last day of Guido Kaczka’s recording with “The 8 steps” and begins his three-week vacation. same for its production, and the jurors who will return when Guido rejoins and the recordings are released.

Guido Kaczca is the conductor of “The 8 Steps”.

The program for now is the one that measures the most on the channel, but It is clear that its audience dropped and in March it will have to double efforts to raise it. We will also say that he is back Laurita Fernandez to record “Welcome aboard”so that until now it remains on the air of El Trece.

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