Guide to the costume fitting, between truth and false myths. The nutritionist: “Diet? Here’s what you can do if you only have one month available “

The costume rehearsal is upon us. Maybe someone will have to wait another month or two to go on vacation. And this could be a big plus. What to do in fact with little time available in the face of a few extra pounds and a few flaccidity on the legs, abdomen and buttocks? The temptation is to resort to “last minute” remedies to achieve a healthy weight, dry legs and buttocks, and smooth skin. Also thanks to the constant search to resemble not only the well-known influencer who exhibits a dazzling form, but also the lucky “friend of the heart”. We then asked some experts, through a journey in three episodes, what to do to get a better shape, avoiding waste of money and time. Let’s start with the dilemmas of diet and exercise. We talk about it with Gabriele Buracchi, nutritionist biologist. “Let’s clarify one thing immediately: mmethods that promise miraculous aesthetic results or to get you lose so many pounds in a few days, they are just deceiving you. As much as we don’t like it, physiology has its own rules that cannot be changed. If we really want to do the costume fitting, we have to think about it in time “.

How much time before?
“A few months. Obviously it depends on the starting point, if it is about losing two or three kilos or a real condition of overweight / obesity “.

Let’s make the most optimistic hypothesis.
“So let’s assume we have available only one month. And we focus on diet. What really makes you fat are the swings in your blood sugar. We therefore eliminate french fries, refined rice and sweets, including sugar in coffee and terrible sodas, as well as all junk food. And we strongly reduce bread and pasta for this period, especially if they are not wholemeal “.

At this point how do we replace them?
“We can calmly consume fruit and especially vegetablesmost of which (salads, cucumbers, courgettes, radishes, etc.) can be eaten until you feel full “.

What else to do?
“We must ask pay attention to fats of animal origin, while it is good to use, without exaggerating, extra virgin olive oil. And since fats of animal origin are also contained in the leanest meat, it is useful to reduce their consumption, increasing that of legumes, soy, and perhaps blue fish rich in omega 3 which are beneficial fats “.

That’s enough? What about physical activity?
“Is essential. Doing some movement allows us to consume the energy contained in the reserve fat, and at the same time firm and strengthen the muscles avoiding the so-called ‘pendulous’ skin areas‘”.

Could you give us some simple examples more or less within everyone’s reach?
“Two really useful activities – and which can also be maintained by the sea – are running and swimming. Both allow to consume energy and, alternating the two activities, can activate the muscles of the whole body “.

The main concern is above all to do something for the legs, hips and stomach …
“To firm up these areas of the body in a targeted way, you can use the exercises of Plank (table). A first movement involves leaning on the arms stretched perpendicularly pointing on the feet and keeping the body stretched out with the head in line, a board in fact. The second exercise is similar but rests on the elbows with the forearms extended forward. The third takes place on the side, resting on the side of one foot and supporting oneself on the outstretched arm with body and head in a straight line. With this mix of proper nutrition and physical exercise, satisfying results can be obtained ”.

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