‘Guapo’, the dog that managed to be adopted thanks to the Stranger Things song

In the USA, the organizations that watch over the welfare of animals take seriously not only the work of caring for them, but also of looking for a better home for them as potential pets, as was the case of a puppy who found a new family after being trend in Facebook accompanied by a song that is fashionable because of Stranger Things, the famous Netflix series, which did not go unnoticed by anyone in that social network.

The “sad” looking puppy

Our protagonist is calledHandsome” and has been an inhabitant of the Animal Services of orange county, Orlando (Florida), being this institution the one that shared a video in which it appears with the appearance “sad” in order to generate empathy in potential adopters and boy did this strategy give its results.

In that sense, the past Tuesday June 7 The footage was shared showing various dogs that hope to give all their love to their new homes, but among them our protagonist stands out who, to everyone’s surprise, has an expression of sadness that moved thousands of users, especially because the images were accompanied with the theme “Running Up That Hill” of Kate Busha song that has become extremely popular on virtual platforms for being the one that accompanies the most important moments of the fourth season of the Netflix show starring Millie Bobby Brown.

How did Guapo get to the animal shelter?

Handsome have 2 years and just a day after the video was published, we learned that the puppy got a new home, which was quickly shared on Facebookbut we also find out how he got to the shelter according to the Animal Service.

Handsome it was an owner delivery, as most shelter dogs are. But, he seemed to take it harder than most. She was the embodiment of what our dogs feel every day, and her expressive eyes and face told her story better than we do.”.

New family after going viral

In fact, this institution assured that in his brief stay at the shelter, the puppy with the sad look went unnoticed by visitors, among other things, because he was hiding behind his companions, which was detected by the shelter staff, which is why which they decided to include in the video that adds more than 7 thousand reproductions.

The immediate effect of the video was that hundreds of people came just to see Handsomeas well as requests by mail who asked about the “sad dog”until the day that changed his life came: “After a few minutes on the playground with his new family, we started to see a different look on his face. A slow, shy smile, and a light in his eyes that only comes from hope and happiness (…) he waggled his tail and lay down close to his adopters, calm and at peace, probably for the first time since that he arrived. He knew he was going home.”.

As successful as getting our four-legged friend adopted, the Animal Service of orange county he hopes that other puppies find good people who sincerely love them.

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