Grupo Firme: who’s who in the musical group

Who are the members of the Firm Group? The ranchera music group has established itself as one of the most important since its foundation in 2014 by the hand of Eduin Caz and Joaquín Ruiz. The band from Mexico has been in charge of making that country dance and winning different recognitions for their record work. But it is on stage where fans most enjoy the musical ensemble, which is made up of a number of talented members.

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A confirmation of the great moment that has been going through Firm Group is having won his first Latin Grammy on November 18, in the category of “Best Band Music Album“With his work”We have fun accomplishing the impossible”. This recognition was well received by the musicians, who celebrated it as it should: on stage.

In this way, the group led by Eduin Caz he performed the songs “I like you” and “Already get over me”On the stage of said gala that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that had an audience very excited by the presentation of the band.

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“Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this album. Thanks to all the authors who trusted us and gave us a topic for this material A @orlandomismatierra for putting up with us for more than 2 months in their study […] They are more than 12 years of struggle and lost battles but this time we have to win and not just the battle but the War. We close the 2021 tour this weekend with the best attitude and we will see each other in 2022 first God “, it reads in a post of the group in its official account of Instagram.

Grupo Firme debuted in 2017 with the twelve songs from the album “Past, Present, Future” (Photo: Grupo Firme / Instagram)



The singer Eduin Caz is the undisputed leader of Firm Group. The vocalist is the representative image of the musical group, which is complemented by the talent of the other members of the mexican band.

Eduin Caz is the vocalist of Grupo Firme.  He was born on July 30, 1994 in Culiacán and is currently 27 years old (Photo: Grupo Firme / Instagram)
Eduin Caz is the vocalist of Grupo Firme. He was born on July 30, 1994 in Culiacán and is currently 27 years old (Photo: Grupo Firme / Instagram)


Also know as Fito Rubio O Fito Drums, this musician is the one who has the job of managing the battery of the Mexican musical group. With his hands and drumsticks, the rhythm of the presentations is more than assured.


While Christian Tellez is the star bassist of the Firm Group. He is in charge of playing one of the most iconic instruments of the groups, one that seems not to be distinguished in the songs but whose absence is felt. Tellez is one of the members who brings the most flavor to work on stage.


AB Luna, as he is known artistically, is the other voice of the Mexican band and has the job of accompanying Eduin Caz in songs. However, his work stands out above all for the construction of harmonies with the Caz brothers, one of the highest points in the music of the Firm Group.

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Who is the other Caz of the Firm Group? Is about Jhonny Caz, Eduin’s brother and the third voice of the musical group. Your presence on stage is vital for performances. His talent has been taken to the highest level together with AB Luna and Eduin. Also, Jhonny is one of the first musicians of the Mexican regional who has declared his homosexuality, leaving behind the machismo and homophobia of the art world.


Secondly, Joaquin Ruiz is the member of the Firm Group that makes presentations vibrate with his guitar. Their presence gives a unique touch to record productions of the musical group and, above all, the show takes place in the middle of the stage.


Finally, Dylan Camacho completes the Mexican group with his accordion, one of the essential instruments of any respected Mexican regional group. The traditional sound and the party rhythm is one of the great talents of the musician.


It was Eduin Caz, who in 2014 together with a group of friends decided to unite their talents to start creating a group, which perhaps at that time they did not think to have the repercussion that they have today. Many of the founders today do not continue, but the essence and what they left as a legacy still remains.

The Mexican group was created in Tijuana and 7 years ago they still went unnoticed by the public. It was only in 2018 when Grupo Firme rose to fame with the singles “Ask me”, “The broken” and “I swear to god”. From that moment on, their international fame would be unleashed and they would begin to tour different countries in the region.

We have to make it clear that the Firm Group in its beginnings was not called that. This band when it started was known as the “Reto Sierreño Group”. After a few years they would change to another which was the “Hidden Force Group”; being the Firm Group the one that finally remained.

Eduin Caz and some members of the Firm Group They have not been able to escape the power of social media. In this way, some videos have circulated where the leader of the band is seen with a group of friends, rehearsing many years ago with just 3 or 4 instruments.


One of the most listened to hits of Grupo Firme is the song “I no longer come back with you”, The duet they did with Lenin Ramírez. The song, in 2021, exceeded 449 million views and YouTube.


Firm Group It is a successful Mexican band of the moment and its owner is the vocalist of the group, Eduin Caz, together with the manager Isael Gutierrez. They made it official in 2021. “Today after 4 years I can officially say my partner @isaelgutierrez is an impeccable person and by word of mouth. Today we are officially partners in something that we started as a dream “he wrote on Instagram in May.


Isael Gutiérrez, considered a key piece in the success of Grupo Firme, is the founder of Music VIP Entertainment INC and a well-known representatives of groups like El Chapo de Sinaloa and Jenny Rivera.

Gutierrez it is natural of Guerrero, on Mexico, and discovered by chance the members of the group led by Eduin Caz. This is how he told the magazine Triunfo de Los Angeles California, where he said that it was at a radio event where he met the artists.

Thus, in Tijuana Baja California, is that they found the manager and the Firm Group. Caz himself has said on several occasions that Gutiérrez trusted them and that he bet with his eyes closed that he would lead them to the top of regional mexican music. The rest is known history.

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