Groen demands a distribution plan for the reception of asylum seekers

For environmentalists, the cup is full: Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V) must present a distribution plan to deal with the crisis in the reception of asylum seekers , believes the president of Groen Jeremie Vaneeckhout. “We don’t intend to wait for someone to die here on the street,” he berates. His party bangs his fist on the table: “We need a total plan or no plan”.

With such a distribution plan, local authorities would be obliged to take in asylum seekers. The Netherlands just adopted such a measure last week. Mr. Vaneeckhout also denounces the slowness with which the Defense reacts to such a humanitarian crisis.

However for Secretary of State de Moor, a distribution plan is not an option. “If tomorrow I have to approve such an obligation, then I know that some municipalities will not be able to provide it even with the best will in the world”.

Environmentalists also expect more responsibility from the Prime Minister, “as in the Netherlands”, for a dispersal plan.

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