Grey’s Anatomy season 19, the season too much?

Grey’s Anatomy saison 18

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It’s official, Grey’s Anatomy will be back for season 19. Good or bad idea for the ABC series?

Really, ABC has no desire to get rid of Grey’s Anatomy! While you were told on melty that the audiences for the series were increasingly bad across the Atlantic, this obviously did not discourage ABC since an entire season has just been ordered. This news is somewhat surprising when we know that even Ellen Pompeo, who lends her features to Meredith Gray, is campaigning behind the scenes for the show to end. So, is this season 19 finally the occasion for the writers to offer a real ending to all the characters and to satisfy the fans with a perfect season?

Even Ellen Pompeo doesn’t seem thrilled about returning to Grey’s Anatomy

We hope so! In recent years, more and more fans have turned their backs on the series, in particular because of the unexpected departures of certain actors, such as Alex Karev played by Justin Chambers, and the intrigues that have increasingly hard to captivate. The series goes round in circles and the characters who remain are not the most unifying. What the show would need are new characters that viewers can relate to and become attached to. New interns for example? If the series continues on its current momentum, not sure fans will follow for an entire season.

The opportunity for a real end for Grey’s Anatomy?

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What if season 19 was the perfect opportunity to end the series in the best possible way?, offering a real ending for the characters and above all, a logical ending. Since the time the series has aired, fans already have an idea of ​​the perfect ending they would like to see, and this includes the return of cult characters from the series (those who are still alive of course) , like Cristina or Callie or Arizona. Are the writers capable of doing this? Even if nothing actually forces us to watch the series, when you’re a fan from the start, you want to know how the show will end! This season 19 is therefore a good idea to conclude the series, a bad idea if it means that the show will continue to drag on until the fans can no longer take it! While waiting to learn more about what Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy has in store for us, we look back on all the times the series made us cry !

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