Grey’s Anatomy: for this reason Ellen Pompeo stops being the protagonist in season 19


It was finally confirmed that Ellen Pompeo will leave the leading role of Grey’s Anatomy during its next season. What is the actual reason?

Grey's Anatomy: for this reason Ellen Pompeo ceases to be the protagonist in season 19.
© ABCGrey’s Anatomy: for this reason Ellen Pompeo ceases to be the protagonist in season 19.

There are countless television series classified as historical, but there are few that are still broadcast, as is the case with Grey’s Anatomy which has been released for 18 seasons and is already developing the 19th. Although fans await with expectation the continuation of the show, it has just been confirmed that Ellen Pompeo will not be the protagonist of the new episodes and her screen time will be less and less.

Although this may surprise a part of the fandom, the reality is that the possibility had already been raised by the production at one point. At the end of 2021, the actress and producer of the program was interviewed by Insider and revealed: “I’ve been trying to focus on convincing everyone that it should end. I feel like I’m the super naive who keeps saying, ‘But what’s the story going to be, what are we going to tell?'”.

+ Why Ellen Pompeo stops being the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy

Finally, in the last hours dead line reported that Ellen Pompeo will reduce her screen time during the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy and will participate in only eight episodes. As mentioned, she will continue to narrate (but she may not do the voiceover in all episodes) and will continue to be part of the team as an executive producer of the drama that remains ABC’s most important project. Why did you make this decision?

The discontinuation of Pompeo within the show is mainly due to the fact that She’ll be taking on her first role outside of Meredith Gray in nearly two decades.. It was recently confirmed that will star in the miniseries Orphan from Hulu inspired by the true story of Natalia Graceborn in Ukraine, and her American adoptive parents who claimed that she was an adult “sociopath” posing as a child.

At the end of season 18 Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith made the decision not to move to Minnesota and stays at Gray Sloan Memorial as Acting Chief of Surgery, so her next steps in the plot are unknown. By the side of Ellen Pompeoit is good news to see her back in the ring outside of this mythical character and her fans will follow her closely for more news.

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