Grey’s Anatomy Finally Reveals Lucas’ Secret

The 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy has been giving a lot to talk about – mainly due to the decrease in importance of Meredith Grey. The latest episode of the medical drama also left fans in an uproar by (finally) revealing resident Lucas Adams’ big secret.

Grey’s Anatomy is the most enduring medical drama of all time. Since Season 1, the characters have been through countless tragedies – be they local, personal, or national.

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In its nearly 20-year history, Grey’s Anatomy has also won fans around the world. Currently, only 3 original cast members remain on the series: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Chandra Wilson (Miranda) and James Pickens Jr. (Webber).

We reveal below everything you need to know about Lucas’ Grey’s Anatomy secret and fan reaction.

What is Lucas’ secret on Grey’s Anatomy?

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy introduced a new team of residents at Gray Sloan Hospital.

One of the new characters is Lucas Adams. Played by Niko Terho, the young doctor did not take long to win fans, becoming one of the big stars of the new year.

Since Lucas’ introduction, the character’s relationship with Amelia Shepherd has been shrouded in mystery. For a long time, colleagues believed that the doctors were staying.

However, in the 6th episode of the new season, Grey’s Anatomy finally reveals Lucas’ secret: the character, in fact, is Amelia’s nephew.

Lucas’ narrative left some Grey’s Anatomy fans with tears in their eyes. Viewers are happy for the resolution of the story. After all, according to many fans, it lasted too long.

“Thank God Amelia made the Lucas tell the truth! This story was already starting to irritate,” commented one fan on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other viewers criticized the rumors surrounding Lucas and Amelia’s relationship.

“I am very happy that Amelia forced Lucas to tell the truth to his colleagues. It was very irritating to see them deal with the rumours,” commented another viewer.

Now that the mystery is out, Lucas may have more interesting plots on Grey’s Anatomy. The character can, for example, focus on his career – or even start a relationship with other colleagues.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 will be Meredith Grey’s last. The series will continue even after the departure of Ellen Pompeo. But in a recent interview, Patrick Dempsey (the eternal McDreamy) said that fans shouldn’t worry.

“I think Grey’s Anatomy will always be about the cast and characters. The biggest asset of the series is precisely its wide range of characters, with which the audience can truly identify”, opined the actor.

In the United States, the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on ABC. In Brazil, the medical drama is on the Star+ platform. Click here to subscribe to the stream.

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