Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is terrified of watching him with her daughter: "Too much sex"

Ellen Pompeo has revealed that she is terrified of watching Grey’s Anatomy with her daughter due to the numerous sexual content.

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As reported by Yahoo !, Ellen Pompeo revealed that she was terrified of watching Grey’s Anatomy in the company of his daughter due to the numerous sexual contents of the medical series.

Ellen Pompeo in the role of Dr. Meredith Gray, in the series Grey’s Anatomy, episode: ‘Growing up, what an effort …’

During the last episode of the Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo podcast, the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy revealed her fear. The actress, in fact, would rather not watch the series in the company of her daughter – Stella Ivery, 12 – due to the numerous sexual contents. In a conversation with bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell to discuss the book Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon, Ellen Pompeo said: “There’s a lot of bad stuff on TV too. Grey’s was pretty nasty at the time! There’s a scene – I’m sure – where a character – thankfully not mine – engages in oral sex with a ghost!”.

Surely, all Grey’s Anatomy fans have identified the episode that Ellen Pompeo was referring to. A fifth season storyline centered on the character of Izzie Stevens (played by Katherine Heigl), who is suffering from cancer and hallucinating about hypothetical sexual intercourse with her ex.

Ellen Pompeo revealed with a smile: “I’d rather not have this conversation with my 12 year old daughter for a while longer!”. Despite this, the 12-year-old girl would be dying to watch some episodes of the series with her mother.

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