Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo claims memory loss on set

What it has generated Grey’s Anatomy is not usual at all: from 2005 as of today, the series has issued 18 seasons with the same actress as the protagonist. But that’s not all, because year after year the fiction gathers fans around the world who follow the medical television drama with great emotion. So much so that despite its extensive number of episodes, many of them can remember each scene perfectly. Your cast cannot say the same.

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And it is that after so many years shooting on the set, memory begins to register only some of the highlights. But many others are forgotten. Something like this happened with Ellen Pompeo, who personifies Meredith Grey for 17 years and that he managed to win the affection of the seriéfilos who follow his work with much admiration. However, herself ensures that he does not remember everything he has experienced with this project.

The leading actress noticed it just when she proposed an idea to the screenwriter of Grey’s Anatomy. As it turned out, the scene consisted of his character I will walk through the forest along with another role in the series. And although the offer was very well received by the production, the truth is that later they noticed that it was something already seen in the series: in one of the first seasons, a similar scene was presented next to Derek Shepherd, the role played by Patrick Dempsey.

That same day, Pompeo found a photo on his phone from that same episode and couldn’t help but laugh at his slip. In an interview, the actress remarked: “How is it possible that now, 16 or 17 years later, I am presenting ideas for scenes I’ve already filmed and of which I have no memory?”. With a lot of humor, he concluded: “I said to myself, ‘Is that a memory I didn’t know I had? Am I repeating ideas?’”.

Anyone who works in the same place for so many years can start to forget part of their day to day. And a renowned actress such as Ellen Pompeo is no exception: for 18 seasons she has lived fully all the scenes of her beloved character, Meredith Gray, and does not stop contributing to the show collaborating with the scriptwriters themselves.

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