Gretchen talks about the abuse she suffered from her ex-husband: "I was beaten, he apologized"

The singer Gretchen, 62, opened up about the domestic abuse she used to suffer from one of her ex-husbands. With no problems to talk about it, the queen of the roll did not reveal the name of the aggressor and said that nowadays she helps women victims of domestic violence.

“I help a lot of women with this issue. Domestic violence doesn’t just happen in poor places, in simple places. Domestic violence happens anywhere, with artists, rich people. Everywhere and, nowadays, it really happens”, she revealed. her, during her participation in the program Chupim, of Metropolitana FM.

During the attraction, Gretchen explained that her ex-husband behaved like a sociopath and that, in addition to assaulting her, he forced her to dress in the clothes he thought were appropriate. She also revealed that her ex-husband’s behavior went far beyond machismo.

“It’s not that he was sexist, in fact, he was a sociopath. It had to be the way he wanted, with the clothes he wanted, he couldn’t leave the house at all. When I went to college, I had an escort who took me and looked for me. It was like that”, he recalled.

According to Gretchen, after the aggressions, her ex-husband would kneel down and ask for forgiveness: “This is a disease. After I was beaten, he would kneel, apologize and even say he was going to die. please,'” he added.

Currently married to saxophonist Esdras de Souza, Gretchen said that she keeps him away from household chores so that she can exercise her “woman side”:

“My side is a woman that I really don’t give up. First, that I was raised by a submissive mother, who always did everything for my father. She would wake up at midnight to put his food hot. So, we learned that from he gets up in the morning and breakfast is already on the table. He wants to take the plate to wash the dishes and I: ‘No way. Go play your saxophone. Go make your arrangements, I’m the one who takes care of the house ‘. That’s my thing. When he gets out of the shower, his clothes are already on the bed. It’s my way and my sisters because we were raised that way”, he added.

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