Gretchen studied law before going to Qatar: “No fear of being arrested”

The singer Gretchenaged 63, said he studied law and consulted his son, Thammy Mirandabefore traveling to Qatar, host country of the World Cup.

Wearing more well-behaved attire, she explained that the “experience is being unique” and that she is not afraid of being arrested for disrespecting the strict laws there:

“I studied their laws. And, in addition, I tried to bring only legal clothes in their culture. I wasn’t afraid of being arrested. It’s very peaceful. I adapted from the moment I arrived. At no point did I worry about being arrested, because I already knew about all the customs, such as, for example, not having publicly affectionate attitudes such as hugs and kisses. It was all arranged by the two of us, me and Esdras”, she said, to Quem.

To the publication, the singer said that she went to Qatar to work and learn about the culture, and that the fact that the country considers homosexuality illegal did not weigh in her decision to accept the job or not.

“That didn’t matter because I came, in addition to working, to get to know this culture. I know there is this oppression, with women and LGBTQIAP+, but I’m not in a hotel. Even because, if I were, I wouldn’t have stayed in a bikini. We are staying in a mansion. Couples in one house and singles in another. And the pool is private,” she explained.

Upon learning that her mother was going to Qatar, Thammy expressed support for the eternal Queen of Rebolado:

“I think for a woman like you there are no limits. The sky is the limit for you that you overcome every day. You are a strong, empowered woman who owns you. There is no prejudiced country that resists. So, go easy on yourself, because you’ve always known how to behave wherever you go. And enjoy a lot”, wished Thammy.

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