Gretchen at the World Cup: the web wasn’t ready to find out who bankrolled the queen of memes’ trip to Qatar

Gretchen is in Qatar to cover the 2022 World Cup at the invitation of a famous Instagram entertainment page, Choquei. After causing a stir by appearing in a bikini in a country known for conservative rules, the muse became a subject on the web after the revelation of who was responsible for the trip.

According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, Ronaldinho gaucho is responsible for sponsoring Gretchen and Chokey’s trip to Qatar. The team is in the country to promote the R10 Score application, which brings statistics, information and analysis about the sport in real time.

Known on the web for a series of “random rolês”, Ronaldinho’s sponsorship of Gretchen and Choquei caused a stir on Twitter. 🇧🇷Every plot twist in Brazil has this man’s touch“, wrote an internet user. “I’m still hard to believe. Is it a meme?”, asked a ‘twitterer’. “Gretchen correspondent for Choquei financed by Ronaldinho Gaúcho. The smell of hexa starts to appear”, celebrated another user.


Choquei is a gossip page that appeared in 2014 on Instagram and was already famous among lovers of content about celebrities. In this year, the profile began to “puncture the bubble” with massive, real-time coverage of the war in Ukraine and the elections.

The surprise of having a gossip page as a source of politics and economics started to generate virality and that’s where Gretchen, one of the queens of Twitter, comes in. Netizens rescued an old meme of the singer, in which she has a Record microphone in her hand and a somewhat serious face 🇧🇷+ see gallery above🇧🇷

From then on, this image was used to turn Gretchen into a “Shocked correspondent” during events of great importance. The meme was embraced by the singer herself, who now reaps the benefits of the joke, becoming a real World Cup correspondent.

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