‘Gremlins’ turns 37 | Check out 10 Curiosities of the 80’s CLASSIC!

Gremlins‘ is one of those classics from the 1980s that always appears in the list of favorite movies of the guys from that decade. It’s because even 37 years after its release ‘Gremlins‘ continues as a reference for many generations, that’s why we’ve separated here some curiosities about the beginning of the franchise from the cutest and most terrifying monsters in cinema.

10 – Influences on who came after

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Gremlins‘ is still, to this day, one of the films of the terror pop that most influence productions in this niche after 1984. Among the many productions that drank from this fountain is the teen horror series ‘Stranger Things’.

9 – Os Goonies

One of the main actors in the film is Corey Feldman, at the time a young boy. He also participates in ‘Os Goonies‘, in which the character big mouth. in both movies Corey plays a young teenager half full of truth, cool. And both movies are produced by Steven Spielberg. In fact, it was ‘Gremlins‘ who opened the door to Corey work in ‘Os Goonies’.

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8 – Steven Spielberg Production

Much of the pop culture hits between the 80s and 90s carry the director’s signature Steven Spielberg, e ‘Gremlins‘ is one of those cases, produced through the Amblin Entertainment, Steven’s company. By the way, you can clearly see some of the director’s characteristics in this film, such as the adventurous tone and the cast that later participated in his other projects. He even appears in a scene!

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7 – Spielberg Films on show

That Spielberg was more than a producer who put his name on ‘Gremlins‘ It was already clear. So clear, that in the movie scene, the films that are on show are two of those that are part of the director’s portfolio: ‘A Boy’s Life‘ (then the working title of ‘ET – The Extraterrestrial’) e ‘Watch the Skies‘ (which later became ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind‘. The insertion of titles was made by the director Joe dante in honor of Spielberg.

6 – Real dolls

In the 1980s, most of the special effects and visuals were done by force. That means movies like ‘Gremlins‘ were not performed using computer graphics, but mechanically created robots to perform the movements requested in the script. That is, in a way, the mogwais existed in fact, every little one of them…

5 – Special Effects

In addition to using robots, the first feature in the franchise ‘Gremlins‘ featured other cinematographic techniques, such as mechanical puppets, puppets, puppets and even recordings in stop-motion to make the movements more fluid in the film. the scene of the stop-motion can be observed when the mogwais appear walking down a dark street, in which the attentive spectator can observe that the silhouettes of the mogwais are made of play dough.

4 – Write error

Working with puppets is not easy, and even in Hollywood some mistakes go unnoticed. In ‘Gremlins’, in the scene where Billy’s mother pushes one of the mogwai into the microwave, it is possible to see part of the hair of the person responsible for giving movements to the mogwai doll in question, at the moment when the pussy is in back to the camera.

3 – Warner characters in the store

Another classic scene in ‘Gremlins‘ and when Stripe, the bad guy of mogwais, hides among the plush toys on the shelf of the little shop. If you look closely, his companions on the shelf are all characters from Warner, which is the distributor for the feature. There are the Strawberry, O Long leg and even the prototype of the ‘E.T.‘, which was the previous movie of Spielberg.

2 – Series

As a good reader of Cinepop, you already know that ‘Gremlins‘ will become an original series already in production by HBO Max, streaming platform of Warner Bros. The series will have ten episodes and will be in animation format.

1 – The Seven Dwarfs

In a certain part of the movie, the little creatures go to the movies and the movie they see is ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. No wonder, however, that the little monsters start to sing the theme song for the animation – if you stop to think, the mogwais have the same characteristics as the characters in the Disney: We have the Teacher, O Faddist, O Angry… Yes, it is. Have you thought if the snow White had to deal with these little animals instead of the cute little men in the woods?

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