Greg (Les Marseillais) madly in love with Maeva Ghennam, he declares his flame to her on the radio

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Credit: Fun Radio

Greg has just declared his love for Maeva Ghennam … And it is on the radio that he has just done so.

Between Greg and Maeva Ghennam, it all started in The Marseillais Asian Tour. And already at the time, their relationship was very turbulent! Since this shoot, which dates from 2018, the two emblematic candidates from W9 have been together every other month. Suddenly, they are in a relationship and suddenly, they are separated! But between them, love is still there, despite their many conflicts … And recently, they still decided to give themselves another chance. It is on the set of Marseillais in Mexico that they got back together … But again, it was not easy for the two lovebirds!

Greg is in love – Credit (s):

And right after the shooting of Marseillais in MexicoIt wasn’t long before Greg got on the plane to Dubai. The young man spent the new year with Maeva Ghennam. But the very rapid departure of Bebew to return to France worried Internet users. The latter imagined that the couple had separated again … But Greg finally wanted to reassure them by explaining that it was not planned that he stayed longer in Dubai. He had to get home quickly for work.

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Greg declares his flame to Maeva Ghennam

And proof that everything is going for the best between Greg and Maeva Ghennam, the young man made him a beautiful declaration of love. Live on Fun Radio, his song J’Fly, featuring Thibault Garcia, was broadcast. And that’s when we heard Greg scream “Maeva, I love you!”. The host then asked him: “Finally, are you glad you put it in your sound? “. And Greg replied: “Yeah. I could never take it off Maeva. She’s in my skin! “. You will have understood it: Greg is madly in love with Maeva Ghennam and whatever happens between them, she will always have a special place in his heart. But hey, we still hope that this time, it will be the right one for them both!

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