Great sadness: Jasmin Herren does not want to pretend an ideal world

Jasmin Herren (42) had to cope with a big loss in the spring: on April 20, 2021, the death of TV star Willi Herren shook all of Germany. The entertainer was found lifeless in his Cologne apartment at the age of only 45. After this terrible news, his widow Jasmin had to seek medical treatment – and even months later, the grief is apparently still overwhelming: Jasmin does not want to set off on an ideal world and therefore now spoke openly about her feelings.

“I’m honest, not all that glitters is gold,” Jasmin now explained in hers Instagram-Story and stressed: “Again and again, everything catches up with me every day, especially when I have no distractions from friends or work.” She is generally doing a little better because she can eat well again, laugh with friends and function well in everyday life – “but I’m still in a rollercoaster of emotions,” she added.

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Jasmin also gave an example of this roller coaster. “Then, as always, there comes an evening when I miss you – your closeness, your smell”she spoke words Willi and described her feelings: “This calm, these moments remain unbearable and hurt!” You will take your time and be sure that you will manage to deal with the great grief.

Willi Herren, entertainer
Jasmin Herren, August 2021

Instagram / jasminherren78

Jasmin Herren, August 2021
Jasmin Herren at “Temptation Island VIP”

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