Grazi Massafera’s romance with Flávio Canto comes to light and the presenter surprises actress with praise

Flávio Canto wore a tight skirt during an interview with Sérgio Mallandro on the podcast “Papagaio Falante”. The comedian left the former athlete embarrassed when he asked about the romance he had in the past with Grazi Massafera, shortly after the actress separated from Cauã Reymond.

At the time, Flávio and Grazi appeared together in photos in Fernando de Noronha, but they did not publicly assume the relationship nor did they ever confirm that they had a romantic involvement.

Currently, Flávio Canto is dating the lawyer and travel agent Gabriela Palermo, whom he met in October 2019, at the wedding of Malvino Salvador and Kyra Gracie. Grazi Massafera has been single since the end of her relationship with Alexandre Machafer. The two were together for five months.

Flávio Canto confirms romance with Grazi Massafera in 2015


Sérgio Mallandro recalled that Grazi Massafera was introduced to Flávio Canto by her friend Angélica. “Did she (Grazi) date for how long?”, asked the presenter. Canto tore praise for the actress. “Grazi, I didn’t date, no. We had something, but it’s been a long time… It was a 10”, replied the sports commentator, embarrassed.

Discreet about his personal life, Flávio doesn’t usually talk much about the subject. “It’s breaking me…” he added uncomfortably. Sérgio Mallandro insisted: “What was this thing you had with Grazi? Was it a romance?”. “I never thought I’d turn red. I’m sweating in here,” countered Canto.

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