Grazi Massafera praises his ex, Caio Castro, with his girlfriend: "beauties"

Thank you Massafera surprised fans and showed maturity by commenting on a photo that her ex-boyfriend, Caio Castroappears glued to his current girlfriend, Daiane de Paulain a record published this week.

“Right time”, declared Daiane in the post shared on her Instagram. In the caption, she even put a heart emoji. In the photo, the two appear embracing in an elevator.

“Beauties”, wrote Grazi in the comments. The ballerina also replied to the actress: “You are light”, she praised her.

Several followers were impressed with the interaction of the two and also praised: “Thanks for the maturity”, wrote one. “Example,” said another. “Two beautiful ones”, commented another one.

Recently, Caio appeared next to his new girlfriendin a record published by the actor’s personal, Wilson Faglioni, on social media during a workout. On Instagram, he posed with Wilson and Daiane: “What a Team My Friends. What a team”, wrote the personal in the publication.

In August 2021, Grazi told the magazine IS IT OVER THERE about the end of the relationship: “My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood that it was time for us to continue separated. What I can say now is that we ended our story”, he said. The actor also confirmed the end of the relationship on social media, stating that there was never any betrayal.

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