Grandmother shocked Rychlíková: You will be a prostitute!

Grandma even compared acting to the oldest craft. Today, everyone laughs at it and the family is rightly proud of the rising star. In yesterday’s 7 Fall Show by Honza Dědek, the sympathetic brunette confided that no one in the family expected to ever get to DAMU. “I went to a drama, I felt it in me. My dad didn’t tell me anything about it, my mother told me at the DAMU entrance exams that I should try it, but no one probably expected me to do it, “ she describes that when she came up with the good news, there was a grave silence at home.

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“Mom said it was nice, Grandpa said I’d hang myself when I didn’t have a job. I kept waiting to see who would be happy. And my grandmother said: Sarah, you will be a prostitute … “ described the family’s first reaction. Fortunately, the young student has made her mark, even though she still struggles at times. “Intimate scenes are not easy for me. I’m ashamed to kiss someone, to undress, to seduce, “ admitted serial cadet Marika from MISSION 1.

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