Grandma Dada? Slováčková is shocked about the baby

“I’m thinking about a baby because I’m in my thirties, and also because all my friends around me have gotten pregnant, or they already have children, and I sometimes wonder if I should reconsider my life,” Slováčková confided. with its plans for the daily

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7 falls of Honza Dědek: Anička Slováčková about childhood and parents of Patrasová and Slováček…

For the famous parents of Dada Patras (65) and Felix Slováček (78) It would not be a premiere. They already have two grandchildren from their older brother Felix. However, it is clear that they would be at least surprised by the new addition. “I didn’t talk about it at all, whether I wanted children or not.” Anička admitted.

However, plans for next year are clear. “I still plan to make a career out of this, to make a little more fun,” says Slováčková. And then they’ll see …

Anička Slováčková after cancer: I’m coughing up my lifestyle now!

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