Grandfather Rashilov’s tainted joy: BAN FROM PEPIN’S DAUGHTER!

In the life of an actor Sasha Rashilova the women themselves are spinning. Thanks to a colleague and ex-wife To Wanda Hybner boasts two adult daughters, Josefína (28) and Antonia (24), his current wife Ludmila also gave birth to two daughters, Maruška (5) and Emilka (2). It is therefore not surprising that he is very happy about his first grandchild – he has finally welcomed a male reinforcement into the family. However, he does not share more information about his grandfather’s premiere. “I’m forbidden from Pepin’s daughter to spread the word,” explained the actor in an interview for

Although his eldest daughters have already grown up and become independent, children’s laughter and crying have not completely disappeared from the actor’s life. Basically, he is re-experiencing the role of the father of two little girls, about whom he talked about in the program 7 falls of Honza Dędek.

Proud father of four Saša Rashilov: The youngest girls are following in the famous footsteps

“Like every parent, I’m clear about which child is the most beautiful and talented. So I am forwarding that it will be an assessment of a non-critical loving father. In my opinion, she sings beautifully, I can hear how she intonates clearly, perceives the rhythm, and above all, reacts spontaneously to the music,” boasted the elder Maruškou.

“Emilka also has a lot of temperament, it’s not yet clear whether it’s musical,” Saša Rashilov added with amusement, as written by the website Even as a fifty-year-old, he does not resist another offspring. His wife is 13 years younger, and if she would like one more baby, age will not prevent Sasha from fulfilling this wish. “We are both from three children, we have two. It is possible that something else will happen,” suggested Saša Rashilov.

Father of four daughters, Saša Rashilov (49) is overjoyed: He became a grandfather!

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