Granddaughter surprises her grandmother by making a doll identical to her: the video is viral

The viral video corresponds to Mother’s Day and the event occurred in Mexico. A few days ago, in different parts of the world, tribute was paid to mothers and a young woman had no better idea than to surprise her grandmother with great detail: she decided to make a doll very similar to them. Pictures were posted on TikTok and thousands of reactions did not wait.

The user @Sofitofanelli shared the elaboration process with the TikTok community, shortly before Mother’s Day.

You may be wondering what a 74-year-old lady is going to do with a princess. Nothing, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that she was waiting for this moment for 66 years and tomorrow is the day”, he said on his TikTok account.

According to the 20-year-old, the septuagenarian told her a sad story that precisely motivated her to give her that gift. When she was little, her grandmother worked to be able to buy a doll and the money she earned she kept in a piggy bank. However, at the time of withdrawing her savings, she found to her unpleasant surprise that her ‘little pig’ was empty.

She asked my great-grandmother, she told her that as a mother she couldn’t afford the irresponsibility of letting her daughter buy toys with that money.”revealed the tiktoker.

She recreated her grandmother’s outfit when she was a child

The user @Sofitofanelli acquired a doll and, based on it, began to recreate her grandmother’s outfit when she was a child. To do this, she showed the old photograph of the septuagenarian.

As explained the young woman made a white dress, painted the shoes and cut the doll’s hair to make it as similar as possible to the photograph.

My grandmother is the most important and strongest woman in my entire life. I know that she is just a doll, but I know that this is going to help her heal many of her wounds when she was little and finally be able to heal that inner child”, narrated the tiktoker during the process.

At the end of the work, the young woman placed the doll in the original box and dedicated a few words on the back. On her sides, meanwhile, she wrote the phrase “I love you Aba.”

@sofitofanellirdz Years practicing with my ex’s gifts for this moment 😭 #fyp #for you ♬ original sound – Sofitofanelli

The video was published on May 9, one day before Mother’s Day in Mexico, and exceeded 9 million views.

Grandma’s reaction went viral

The video moved TikTok users, who wanted to know their grandmother’s reaction. Precisely, in a second video, the user @Sofitofanelli shared the emotional reaction of the septuagenarian.

“Thank you, darling. This little doll is going to be sitting up in my bed”she said through tears.

@sofitofanellirdz Reply to @ mbarbz3 the most beautiful moment of my life🤍 #for you ♬ original sound – Sofitofanelli

What do the dolls do?

According a doll it is a figure; usually of a baby, a girl or a woman made of wood, cloth, cardboard, plastic, etc; It serves as a toy and entertainment for children.

How are dolls made?

The first thing to do to make a doll it is the clay sculpture, the molds of the head, body, hands and legs of the false infant. From there, the plaster casts of the different parts of the body are made. And the final nickel molds are made from each of these parts, details the website .

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