Grandchildren fulfill their grandmother’s dream and organize her quinceañera party

It is said that it is never too late to fulfill our goals or truncated dreams. Therefore, the grandchildren of a grandmother mexican They decided to organize and celebrate their quinceañera party. The celebration was immortalized in a series of videos that quickly became a trend after being published in TikTok.

Has been the user @ miguel12365 who released the story. As he explained, his 60-year-old grandmother did not have the opportunity to have a quinceañera in her youth due to the difficult financial situation of her parents.

It was thus that, after telling her grandchildren and children about her case, they all agreed to fulfill her wish: they organized the party, just as she would have wanted decades ago.

As can be seen in the videos published on social networks, the celebration began with a mass and later it was held in a local, where there were tables, arrangements, food and a lot of dancing.

Video of a grandmother who celebrated her XV years thanks to the help of her grandchildren

How could it be otherwise, the waltz and chamberlains were not lacking.

So far, the video in which the woman appears in a big red dress has accumulated more than a million and views and thousands of comments from users who claimed to be moved by the party.

What do you do at a 15-year-old party?

According , the traditional quinceañera is a mass (the Mexican population is between 90 and 95% Catholic) in which God is thanked for all that has been received. Once the mass is over, we proceed to a party in which as a presentation to society, the quinceañera dances accompanied by 12 chamberlains.

What is the order of about 15 years?

The waltz usually begins with a special song and dance between your father and the quinceañera. So, a dance with your partner. Finally, the court of honor will join you on the dance floor. .

Who Invented the 15 Year Party?

What is the origin of the celebration of quinceañeras? The most likely is the custom from the great pre-Columbian cultures: Aztecs and Mayans of Mexico who performed puberty rites to indicate the entry into adult life and the acceptance of responsibilities of women, he says. .

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