Grand Theft Auto could have become an Eminem starred film

In a recent podcast it was revealed that the video game Grand Theft Auto was about to become a movie starring Eminem.

The videogame Grand Theft Auto was about to become a movie and the protagonist could be Eminem.
The revelation emerged during a BBC podcast in which the history of the popular franchise was retraced, also revealing the projects that did not materialize.

Producer and video game creator Kirk Ewing explained that in the early 2000s there was talk of a possible film based on Grand Theft Auto: “It happened after the third installment of the video game came out and I think at that point Sam Houser (co-founder and president of Rockstar Games) was still thinking it might be something they wanted to make“.
A Los Angeles producer had then made a phone call stating that he had proposed to Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, the idea of ​​starring in the possible film.

Cinema and video games: the attraction (and imitation) is mutual

Tony Scott, who led to the success of Top Gun, should have been directed, and Rockstar would have received 5 million for the film. However, the project was stopped when the president of the company realized that the franchise was much bigger than any possible film, not considering the amount offered up to expectations.

The franchise has indeed continued to have great success and the video game has become the best-selling game in the world, achieving record earnings.

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