Graffiti artists turn aggressive pints into works of urban art

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For a few weeks the graffiti artists Locals ‘Cake’, ‘Fiasco’ and ‘Ilustronauta’ have been part of an initiative that seeks to transform the visual aggressiveness that is seen in certain murals and walls of the city, turning these elements with negative content into works of urban art.

This is the ‘Los Graffitis + Dulces’ campaign, developed by Mike’s drink, in which the trio of Peruvian graffiti artists have reinterpreted “bitter” pints located in the Pueblo Libre, Barranco and Breña districts, turning them into art with a positive impact to invite people, with a focus on young people, to see life with greater positivity.

“My art always tries to make the viewer smile, with the shapes or colors with which I work or the situations that I express with my drawings. That is why I am happy to be part of this initiative that seeks to beautify the city with cheerful murals and with a lot of color on paintings made on the walls, which apart from spoiling the walls transmit negative messages ”, comments the graffiti artist ‘Cake’.

The concept of the campaign is to inspire young people to have an attitude of positive change in the face of the bitterness of life, inviting reflection that, even in negative things, you can always bring out the positive side.

Now the brand has launched a challenge to its followers to help them identify other “bitter” murals and / or walls with the potential to be transformed, sending their proposals by DM to Mike’s Instagram.

Of all the proposed graffiti, three will be selected to be transformed by the talent of ‘Cake’, ‘Fiasco’ and ‘Ilustronauta’, while the participating users will enter a raffle of products and pictures of the graffiti intervened by the artists.

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