Gracyanne Barbosa responds to criticism for working on the internet: “I was a cleaning lady”

powerful influencer, Gracyanne Barbosaaged 39, turned to Instagram Stories to counter the criticism she receives because of her work as a content creator.

On the social network, the woman from Beautiful explained that she has had several jobs considered traditional and said that she is very satisfied with her current source of income.

“Sometimes, in the videos, people ask if I work, what time I work, they compare me to women who wake up early and face a crowded collective. Thanks to God and my effort, today I can only work on the internet, at home, in my own way!”, she began.

Gracyanne added: “I’ve been a cleaner, I’ve worked in a store, I used to go to work by bike so I didn’t spend money on driving and I went through a lot of trouble”, she continued.

In the post, she also revealed how she usually deals with mean comments that try to diminish her.

“The best thing is to fuck you. Have you ever stopped to think that there are people who would like to have your life, be like you, have your effort and, since they can’t, they prefer to criticize and try to diminish you. Remember that you are more.”

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