Graciele Lacerda releases the verb after an attitude considered rude by Zezé Di Camargo. Understand!

After a long outburst about the difficulties of a relationship, Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele Lacerda once again caused controversy on social networks. This Wednesday (22), The fitness model woke up her husband to watch the sun rise in the window of one of the couple’s millionaire properties.

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However, Zezé, who recently commented on the reconciliation of his daughter Wanessa with Dado Dolabella, didn’t look too happy to be woken up so early and shared the story – and the sun in the window – with followers on social media.

“6 am, Graciele made me wake up to come here at the window to look at the sun. I told her… It’s not a lack of romanticism, people, it’s reality. Graciele, this sun has been there since I was born. And we’re going to die, he’s going to stay there. Let me sleep, for God’s sake, there’s too much time to see the sun”, said Zezé, who also reported the difficulty sleeping. “I find it difficult to sleep, I have insomnia, when I sleep, she wakes me up to see the sun . P*ta that gave birth”, she complained.



Zezé’s joking tone in the video was not enough for some netizens, who pointed out that the singer would have been rude to his wife. Hours later, one of Graciele’s followers decided to bring the matter up. “You woke up Zezé to see the sun and he got mad at you… Is he always like this?“, he asked.

Graciele insisted on keeping her temper with Zezé away. “Of course not, right, guys? First, I didn’t wake him up. I never wake him up. Second, he made a joke. And third that if it was true he wouldn’t even have made stories“, he concluded.

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