Govinda wife sunita ahuja furious at krishna abhishek said never wants to see the face

Nothing is right between the maternal uncle-nephew pair in Bollywood i.e. Govinda and Krushna Abhishek. Govinda has refused to speak publicly about the family feud. Recently, the actor and his wife Sunita Ahuja were guests on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Where Krishna did not shoot that episode of the show. Talking about this, in an interview, Krushna Abhishek said that I believe that both the parties do not want to share a stage.

Saddened by Krishna’s statement

After Krishna’s statement, Govinda’s wife has spoken her heart for the first time. In an interview, Sunita Ahuja said that I am deeply saddened by what Krushna Abhishek has said about the family by refusing to be a part of the episode. Krishna said that both the parties do not want to share the stage. In November last year, Govinda made his stand by issuing a statement. It was said that he would never bring household matters in public. Like a gentleman, he has kept his promise. Sunita said, ‘Let me reiterate that we want to maintain a respectful distance.’

The show hit without Krishna

Sunita Ahuja said that whenever we come on the show, they say anything about us for publicity in the media. What is the use of saying all this? There is no point in discussing a family matter in public. Govinda may not say anything, but it annoys me. Even without Krishna, the show is a hit and this one will happen too. He further said that he says, my uncle this, my uncle that. Isn’t he talented enough to give hit shows without using Mama’s name?

never want to see face

Sunita said that all I can say is that the issues will never be resolved. I never want to see his face again in my life. Let us tell you that the news of dispute between Krishna Abhishek and Govinda has been in the headlines. In the year 2018, Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah tweeted that some people dance for money. Sunita got angry on this. Said the tweet was for Govinda. After this the relationship between Govinda and Krishna’s family soured.

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