Govinda used to drink after washing mother’s feet on birthday, had put this condition in front of wife on the very first day after marriage

Govinda’s wife Anita Ahuja had told in an interview that the actor used to drink after washing his mother’s feet. She wants to have a son like Govinda in her next life.

Bollywood actor Govinda has worked in many hit films in his career. The bonding of Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja is also not hidden from anyone. On the TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Govinda and Sunita had revealed many secrets related to each other. Sunita had said, ‘We have already seen a husband like Govinda, but having a son like him is also a big deal. I want him to become my son in the next life.

Govinda says, ‘I still feel after seeing Sunita that she has never grown up. Me and Ye had come to meet each other since childhood. Meanwhile, Kapil says, ‘I had heard that you said on some show that Govinda is my husband in this life, but I want him to be born as my son in the next life?’ Sunita smiles at this and says, ‘This is true. He is a good husband. But the son should be like him.

The condition was placed in front of the wife: Sunita says, ‘My son also loves me very much. I have never seen a son like him. Washes his mother’s feet and drinks on every birthday. The day I got married, on the very first day they told me that look, what my mother wants will work in this house. I too loved him so much that I didn’t utter a single word.’ Govinda had said on this, ‘Since that day he did not speak, but I could not speak in front of it.’

The monkey had bitten on Govinda’s hand: Chunky Pandey had told in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ that the monkey who worked in his film ‘Aankhen’ had more fees than both the actors. Once the monkey had even bitten Govinda. Chunky had told that two bodyguards also used to come with the monkey. Bandar used to get 16 lakh rupees for the film, whereas he used to get only 8 or 9 lakh rupees for the film. Shakti Kapoor and Raj Babbar were also seen in the lead role in the film and the film proved to be a super hit.

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